Gurugram's Renowned and Most Loved Family Restaurant Chain, Dana Choga goes "Brandtastic"!

Known for their lip-smacking Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhni, 27 Year Old Dana Choga, under the new leadership of Veer Anukul Chandhok, recently got a fresh new look with The Brandtastic Co. taking up the project.

Dana Choga's Legacy moves on to provide great taste; its original set up in a new world, with new challenges and new audiences to cater to. The brand's new set up as a delivery source kitchen placed it in a new competitive environment among other players who use new age digital and offline disruptions to the grab the attention of the new age audience. Their new identity moves the brand up a notch to provide premium and top-notch services to their existing and new customers through doorstep delivery with new collateral designs, new easy-to-access digital tools and a revamped social media outlook.

Dana Choga is a chain of restaurants established in Gurgaon in 1994 by husband-wife duo Deepak and Amita Chandhok. Over the last two decades, Dana Choga has become a renowned brand in the city for serving consistent and high quality North Indian food. Anukul, with his new vision to make the brand more approachable by expanding with more outlets across Delhi NCR, has brought up the brand to a whole new level. The Brandtastic Co., with its Hybrid Approach to helping the brand grow took charge of all existing activities on Digital Platforms and formulated new ways to help them move ahead of all players in the market. With the consistent rise and fall of Covid-19 cases in Delhi NCR, Dana Choga's trusted legacy of serving excellent North Indian dishes since the last 27 Years, with its core family driven values and a new approach, has empowered the brand within the ecosystem of new and old brands altogether. The Brand's core strength lies in its people which includes both the Chandhok family along with the new and existing audience placed together as families, community groups or even certain individuals with high influence. To know more about our work for Dana Choga, view our project by clicking here:

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