Here are Four Post-Pandemic Tips to Rethink Your Social Media Strategy.

Updated: Apr 16

Since 2015, we have observed consistent growth in social media channels, starting from platforms and data to use cases and engagement.

However, after the pandemic, social media users have now started spending more than 2 hours per day on an average which has indeed triggered a need for businesses to shift or escalate their social media engagement.

Surely, the pandemic did not only impact community management and content – but also digital strategy, customer experience, brand authority and capability.

Think More About Engaging than Selling

  • Provide value and demonstrate compassion or in other words, create context-sensitive content

  • Drift away from traditional selling tactics – establish lead nurturing programs.

  • Be open to concerns of social media followers by creating easy to access feedback loops in your products.

  • Post content that is relevant to business functions and practices, but is not promoting the product itself – develop a solid content strategy.

Give Mental Wellbeing a shot!

  • Create a community through social media content – bring your industry expertise into the mix to help support your ecosystem

  • Focus on sharing content that includes links to good health – find and share relevant, authoritative content in your channels.

  • Be a symbol mental health-consciousness in developing products and promoting them, however, content does not have to be placed only around mental health.

Consider Dynamism When Posting Content

  • Having more posts could mean more engagement on certain platforms. While this may be seen as ‘spamming’ on some platforms. LinkedIn prefers a velocity of posting and prioritises comments and sharing.

  • As people are still working from home and spending more time on their devices, there is a new opportunity to experiment with the days and times that you post content.

Audit Your Social Media Handles Regularly

  • Ensure that your brand’s social media handles are gaining the right results based on your efforts.

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