a new perspective comes with the best practices in play.

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social media management 

High quality creatives curated and plans strategised on a monthly basis with an aim to help you grow your digital community.


brand identity design and strategy

Be it the first or the next step towards curating your brand's story, our method of crafting your brand works in accordance with what your consumers are really looking for in the market.


content marketing 

We create content that makes your audience want to stop and stare. Backed by relevance, our content strategies work as the ideal disruptors for your consumer. 


digital media buying / advertising 

Certified by Facebook, Google, Linkedin and India's Top Institutes. Our campaigns have never been better. A record rate of 12X return on Ad Spend is something you might really want.


visual design

It's our thing of beauty. Our creative directions provide brands a whole new edge when it comes to design. A new age calls for a new look. Yeah. That's our queue.


search engine optimization

It's time to rank up with The Brandtastic Co. Our SEO services have helped brands reach out to their target customers with ease in the past few months. 

we integrate with your ecosystem

We analyse and amplify our approach with respect to your brand, competitors and the entire industry space to research and provide plans backed by reason and result. 

We also integrate with all of your analytics tools to gather historical and real time information from your existing digital assets. 

Going digital for the first time? Don't worry. We'll set it up for you.